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Shoting range!

Sweet 25 round magizine action. 2.5 times better than 10 round mag! Yes that is my gun.

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Live free or die hard!

I went and saw “Live Free or Die Hard” tonight. It was everything I wanted and more. I wanted explosions, it delivered. I mean shit… even the ground exploded in this movie. THE GROUND. If you are willing to suspend disbelief and you want to see John McClain kick some bad guy ass, go see this movie now.

Simply put: Yippy Ki yay Mother Fucker!

Don’t let all the computers and junk scare you. He still kicks ass the old fashioned way.

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Merlin? (aka I hate grading)

As I’m working on grading lab reports and homework for the course I TA I noticed an icon in the lower right corner of my screen. It was a wizard’s hat and was named Merlin.


I think to myself “What the crap is Merlin? Oh god no, do I have some kind of horrible virus?” Naturally I do the smart thing and double click on the icon. I am brought to excel with a little wizard (it’s Merlin… how cute).


I guess I changed the option from anoying paperclip help guy to wizard. It’s witty, because it’s a help wizard. Get it? Sigh…


Conclusion? I wll do nearly anything to procrastinate while grading. I hate grading.

edit: While checking out what the post looked like I noticed that the little Merlin dude has this look of utter disdain on his face. I guess he hates grading too.

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Suprise! Quick grading turn around

I get an email today stating that labs 5 and 6 will be graded and available for pickup by the end of the day on Friday (the 29th). This is the first that I’ve heard about this which is odd as I am a TA and you think it would be relevant to let me know. It’d be nice to hear about things like this from the professor in charge of the course, not through a mass email sent to all of the undergrads in the class.

So I will have less than 24 hours to grade a homework and lab report. Never mind that I have class on Friday and plans for dinner with a family friend Thursday night. Yes, yes I know you are saying “But Justin, it’s your job. You should give up that dinner to do your job!” Normally I would agree, especially if this way a party or some other thing that I was going to, but it isn’t. It is a free dinner opportunity with a family friend. As a Graduate student it is my DUTY to NEVER turn down free food. NEVER!

So the quick and dirty version of this story is I have to get about 6 hours worth of work done in approximately 3 hours on Friday. On second thought the email just said “end of the day on Friday.” Last I checked that was 11:59 pm… Hmm, I guess I have plenty of time. Well no problem now. It will get done by the end of the day Friday. I don’t mind giving up a Friday night to get work done, I just can’t turn down free food.

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Bück Dich

This is fun :). Thanks to Kate for the heads up.

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No, this isn’t some post about how you shouldn’t buy gasoline on June the 29th or some such other crap that has absolutely no impact on gas prices.

This post is about how my office smells like gasoline. We think it might be from the construction work going on outside but we can’t really be sure. All we can be sure of is that we will probably all die from it.

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Ah ha! Finally I can learn all about Mormons AND watch a PBS documentary. The best part is that it’s available online so I can sit at home in my boxers and watch it! Amazing!

Seriously though I’ve been interested in what the hell they believe in exactly for the past few weeks. The internet has yet to let me down.


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Andy in town

My friend Andy and his Mother are spending a few days in Austin at my place on their way out to his new job in AZ. So far so good. We played a game of Axis and Allies last night with some of my friends here in Austin. We managed to make one of my friends, John, pass out dead asleep on the couch. It was quite funny. We agreed that next time it would have to be a game of Risk or maybe poker.

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STS-117 Mission succesfully completed!

As of 2:50 pm CDT STS-117 had successfully landed at Edwards AFB in California. I’m sure I’ll post some pictures of it later.

Edit: Here is a pretty sweet picture of the shuttle Atlantis touching down, caught right at the moment that the braking parachute is being deployed. Note the smoke and stuff right at the base of the vertical stabilizer on the back of the shuttle. Click for big!

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Flying ‘Lawnmower’

Old hat for many, but who really cares? It’s a flying lawnmower:

Of course, if you look close you’ll realize that it isn’t really a lawn mower. GASP!

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