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Austrian frequent rider card

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Well I haven’t posted in a while so why not now.

Clemson is currently 3-0 this football season and now tied for 14th with USC (no, not the real one… the one in SC) on the USA Today poll, and 15th on the AP poll. Not bad. UT is also 3-0. Good for them. Hook’em horns.

Class is going well for me this semester. Taking only one class has a way of doing that. On the other hand, teaching two sections of lab and doing research can get a bit dull, but hey that’s the life of a grad student.

I finally cleaned up my apartment today after many days of neglect. It had gotten rather bad.

On a sad note, it doesn’t look like Jerome is going to make it to Austin for the UT/Rice game. Some crap about having to grade. That sucks, but I understand. Grad school is as grad school does. By does I mean “takes it out of you like a drunk redneck wearing a tobacco stained wife beater shirt beating the crap out of his common law wife”. Bastards.

Also, take it away Bubbles, with “Liqour and Whores”

Yay Bubbles.

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Lets go Tigers!

Clemson Tops Louisiana Monroe, 49-26!!!

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An observation while out downtown:

May god pity the man who dares to understand the mind of a woman.

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Clemson vs. FSU

24-18, Clemson wins!!!! Wooooo!

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