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4:50 am CDT and I’m awake. Sigh…

Well it seems to be nearly 5 am and I can’t get back to sleep. I blame it on feeling like absolute crap. I have been running a 101 F fever since I got home this afternoon. I hate being sick. Hopefully I’ll be getting better soon. If not I’ll have to drag myself to UHS (university health services). At least they seem to be better than Clemson’s health services were. Ha, and at least I don’t have caringtons care plus insurance (or something close to that). I swear, that is the actual (or close) name of insurance that is available to graduate students at Clemson university. A more fake and made up name I have never heard.

Space shuttle Discovery is currently up on a mission; STS-120. They are currently getting ready to inspect the wing leading edges and nose. Fun stuff. I’ve been watching NASA-TV on and off as I’ve been having trouble sleeping. They have a good streaming webcast of it. Depending on your bandwidth capabilites try one of the following: Super slow grandpa’s guitars, Pretty good if you have northland cable, or ultimate highspeed websperience.

Go STS-120!

STS-120 Launch picture

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Multimedia message

On my antena

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Well I’m 24 now. Nothing has really changed. My car insurance didn’t go down and I’m still an underpaid graduate student. I had a wonderful time in AZ as I always do. Mad props to Karl and Kate for their generous hospitality of letting me sleep on the couch. Here is a good approximation of the couch. Note, this couch is only a simulation of their couch:


Shoutout to their neighbor Sarah whom went out with us both Friday and Saturday night. It’s a nice change not spend the night out with internet nerds cough*Karl*cough. Airplane/rocket nerds are way cooler. Just joking about you Karl. Here is a good approximation of the average internet nerd (note the neckbeard). Also note Karl and the computer. Again thanks for getting that music off my ipod.

neck beard internets lolz!


Here is an average male airplane nerd. They are often found in action packed movies such as Top Gun.


Additionally I must commend the valiant effort, and rousing success of my awesome birthday cupcakes thanks to Kate and Sarah. (Kate, Sarah, Cupcake (declined to give name), Justin)


I also managed to meet up with some family and friends saturday night.

Rachel and Aunt Susie:


Anne and Matt:




The trip to Phoenix was really fun as it always is. It’s always great to see friends and family. I realized that this is the first time I’ve been out to AZ three times in one year. Quite honestly I’m not even sure if I’ve gone more than once in a year before. May the flying spaghetti monster bless southwest airlines’ direct flight from Austin to Phoenix. The prices fit my wallet, even if my ass doesn’t fit in the seats. I can’t wait to make it back out there sometime in the spring.

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Eins, Zwei, Drei G’Suffa!


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Birthday in az!

Well here i am waiting at the austin airport for my southwest flight to phoenix! Should be a fun birthday weekend.

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From i-reporter allan

Found by my brother Allan, whom is a truballa:

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Crash already!

This morning sitting at my bus stop / 5 way stop intersection, two cars nearly smashed into eachother. The first had stopped and was all legal beagle. The party at fault came flying through the intersection at about 30 to 35 mph. If everyone had been wearing seat belts there would’ve almost certainly been no injuries. Its been over a year and no wrecks yet. Damn.

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Clemson, school, birthday

Clemson lost this weekend. Drat. UT lost as well so I managed to have both of my teams lose in one week. At least I’m not a Notre Dame fan. Poor John.

School is school. Class is finally getting tough. It makes it entertaining. Research is going well too, though I recently killed my cells off by accident. Now I have to wait a week to get a new branch from someone else growing them. Darn, no lab work for a week.

The final note, it’s my birthday this month! I will be 24 on the 13th. I am going to fly out to Phoenix to visit some friends and family. The fact that it’s my birthday that weekend is more of a coincidence of timing for when everyone could get together. Should be a fun time.

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