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Damn Commies

Some people have too much time on their hands.

MOSCOW, Russia (AP) — Members of Russia’s Communist Party are calling for a nationwide boycott of the new Indiana Jones movie, saying it aims to undermine communist ideology and distort history.

Communist Party members in St. Petersburg said on a web site this week that the Soviet Union in 1957 “did not send terrorists to the States,” but launched a satellite, “which evoked the admiration of the whole world.”

Moscow Communist lawmaker Andrei Andreyev said Saturday “it is very disturbing if talented directors want to provoke a new Cold War.” ”


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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I found this flick to be much better than Temple of Doom (DUH!) but certainly not as good as Last Crusade or Lost Arc. It could have been much worse but wasn’t all that bad. The “Scifi” elements of it got a bit over done in my opinion, though as a friend pointed out, all Indiana Jones movies had these fantasy elements. There are some great sciences and the story is interesting. The killer ants were quite fun. The Russian communists aren’t quite as great as Nazi’s but we can’t have everything. Don’t go in expecting a new Raiders or Crusade but don’t assume it will be as bad as Temple. If you are a fan of the Indiana Jones movies I think you will enjoy seeing this newest comer to the bunch.

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Sprint Customer Service part 2

It turns out that my number was successfully ported. It simply took a third call to customer service to determine that I needed to reprogram my phone. Now I have my former AT&T number on my sprint handset. Sweet. It only took ~2 hours on the phone to make it work. Amazing

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Sprint Customer Service

I am in the process of having my AT&T wireless number ported over to my new sprint account. I called yesterday and after a 45 minute process was informed that I would be getting a call back in 8 hours as there were some problems that needed to be handled. Sounds ok.

Fast forward 12 hours, no call. So I call back again today. After informing the gentleman of my situation he tooka bout 5 minutes to read my customer service notes (how much can there be?) and told me he didn’t know what was going on. He is now going through the process of porting my number. This seems to consist of him silently doing something and telling me “One moment please, thank you” every 2 minutes.

Now I’m being told that the number belongs to AT&T bell south mobile (who?) and that it is eligible for porting. He seemingly presented it as a problem but upon me asking “What do I need to do to port this number?” I again have entered the “Thank you one moment please” cycle.

A request is being put in to AT&T to port my number. So far this silent process has taken 15 minutes.

After 45 minutes the call ended. Hurray!

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