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Archive for September, 2008


It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here. I blame it on the emergence of web 3.0: Real life.  My new web 3.0 experince has been powered not by a wall plug and an ethernet cable, but by food and my sweet HTC Mogul with sprint evdo rev. A. Suck it AT&T… unless you want to give me a job. Then we’re cool.

Life goes well with me and I expect to graduate with my Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering this December. Still waiting to get a job but not too worried yet, though all of my stuff seems to be breaking or dying on me. It seems to be telling me “HEY YOU! GET A JOB!”

For those not into the blogosphere check out my myspace or tell me to add you on facebook. I am un-findable there.

Until next time, please enjoy this image of my 4th of July flag cake!

USA#1 Flag Cake

USA#1 Flag Cake

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