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Archive for January, 2009

Al Jazeera

So I’m trying to figure out why on all the articles on slashdot that I get off their RSS feed there is an advertisement for Al Jazeera. I mean, yeah they are just a news organization so nothing bad, but it just seems like they are targeting an odd demographic. Whatever.


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Found online

Will some people ever just think of him as a politician? I have no problem thinking of all politicians as politicians. I don’t think I have a special ability, other than seeing all politicians for who they are: Lies, cheats, and crooks.

That being said, I am just a tad bit cynical and I don’t trust anyone (from any party) with my money. Ever. Bastards. Taking my money. Get off my lawn!


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Football 1st down line

This is a really cool video detailing how they make the little yellow first down line. Really neat.

Check it out here: http://www.fandome.com/video/107610/The-Mystery-of-the-Yellow-Line/

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The moving truck

Here is the moving truck towing my truck behind it at a rest area in Florida. It was pretty big.

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