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“Sanctity” of marriage

People often use the concept of the sanctity of marriage as an argument against gay marriage. My understanding of the logic behind the concept of the sanctity of marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman, always has been, and when you mix in something about religion and values, that it becomes sacred. Although this is a simplification of my quite possibly flawed understanding of the whole concept, this doesn’t really matter.

I simply mean to establish that there are people who use the sancity of marriage is an argument against gay marriage. They use it as an argument against gay marriage because they care about the sanctity of marriage.

So if they care about the sanctity of marriage why aren’t they interested in passing laws and or constitutional bans on other things that I think that they would agree harms the sanctity of marriage such as divorce or last second “Vegas”* marriages?

I’m not trying to create some huge argument for or against gay marriage, I’m just pointing out what I believe to be the logic behind their argument. If they don’t want gays being married because they believe that to be a evil, dirty, vile, sinful, awful thing, why not just say that instead of hiding behind the “sanctity of marriage” argument? I think its reasonable to think that a majority of people who support a constitutional ban on gay marriage would oppose a constitutional ban on divorce and “Vegas” marriages, though I could be wrong.

It seems they are saying A is bad because of B. Given these people’s values it would seem that they would also think C, D, E, etc would be bad because of B, yet there isn’t much said about C, D, and E.

I just wanted to point that out. It seems a bit unfair to single out just one sinful thing while neglecting the others, but what the hell do I know. I’m sure what I’ve said is less than flawless but I don’t really care. It is just an opinion after all. I can’t force people to believe my opinion. Maybe I could get a constitutional amendment to force them to think it…

Feel free to comment.

*Personally I love Las Vegas. It’s a great place and always a good time. Visit Las Vegas!**

**Although I wasn’t paid by anyone involved with Las Vegas or their chamber of commerce or tourist commission for this opinion, I did win money last time I went.

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