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SEM images (Scaning Electron Microscope)

If anyone wants an SEM picture of something send me an email or call me. So far I’ve been able to get to magnifications of 120,000x. If you’ve ever wondered what table salt looks like at 100,000x or something just let me know. If you have something in particular you can even mail it to me and I’ll take a picture of it. If it isn’t conductive I will have to coat it in metal (very thin layer 10 to 20 nm) so don’t send me your limited edition GI Joe action figure. Also, nothing juicy, wet or alive. The object has to be able to be put in a very high vacuum and can’t explode nor outgas. I’ll put some pic’s up later that I took this week.

Yes, I am an enginerd.

Here are the pictures along with a quick explanation about what a dendrite is. A dendrite, in a metal, is a type of structure that forms upon cooling of a metal alloy from a liquid to a solid in a process called solidification. It supposedly looks like a tree so from the Greek “Dendron” for tree, we get dendrite. If you really want to know more than that check out the wikipedia article, though be warned it isn’t really that great or accurate of a description.

A plastic screw at 50x (we had to coat it with metal):

Aluminum-Tungsten dendrites at 100x:

Aluminum-Tungsten dendrites at 20,000x:

Aluminum-Tungsten dendrites at 50,000x:

Aluminum-Tungsten dendrites at 120,000x:

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