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Suprise! Quick grading turn around

I get an email today stating that labs 5 and 6 will be graded and available for pickup by the end of the day on Friday (the 29th). This is the first that I’ve heard about this which is odd as I am a TA and you think it would be relevant to let me know. It’d be nice to hear about things like this from the professor in charge of the course, not through a mass email sent to all of the undergrads in the class.

So I will have less than 24 hours to grade a homework and lab report. Never mind that I have class on Friday and plans for dinner with a family friend Thursday night. Yes, yes I know you are saying “But Justin, it’s your job. You should give up that dinner to do your job!” Normally I would agree, especially if this way a party or some other thing that I was going to, but it isn’t. It is a free dinner opportunity with a family friend. As a Graduate student it is my DUTY to NEVER turn down free food. NEVER!

So the quick and dirty version of this story is I have to get about 6 hours worth of work done in approximately 3 hours on Friday. On second thought the email just said “end of the day on Friday.” Last I checked that was 11:59 pm… Hmm, I guess I have plenty of time. Well no problem now. It will get done by the end of the day Friday. I don’t mind giving up a Friday night to get work done, I just can’t turn down free food.

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