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Merlin? (aka I hate grading)

As I’m working on grading lab reports and homework for the course I TA I noticed an icon in the lower right corner of my screen. It was a wizard’s hat and was named Merlin.


I think to myself “What the crap is Merlin? Oh god no, do I have some kind of horrible virus?” Naturally I do the smart thing and double click on the icon. I am brought to excel with a little wizard (it’s Merlin… how cute).


I guess I changed the option from anoying paperclip help guy to wizard. It’s witty, because it’s a help wizard. Get it? Sigh…


Conclusion? I wll do nearly anything to procrastinate while grading. I hate grading.

edit: While checking out what the post looked like I noticed that the little Merlin dude has this look of utter disdain on his face. I guess he hates grading too.

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